Rules and Regulations
Terms and Conditions
Rizzy’s on the Lake

A copy of the waiver and terms and conditions will also be sent to guest upon booking their reservation


All Units and Grounds are strictly NON SMOKING

  • Check-in: 3 p.m.
  • Check-out: 10 a.m.
  • Minimum check-in age is 21 years.
  • All rules must be followed by all guests at all times.



  • For late arrival arrangements, please contact our office at 320-640-1874 before your arrival time.



  • Rizzy’s on the Lake has an agreement with Resorters Marine for you to use a golf cart while you stay at Rizzy’s on the Lake. You may rent additional golf carts, subject to availability, at additional cost. This cost will be added to your bill.
  • You must follow all of the rules related to the golf carts. Failure to follow the rules may result in termination of your right to use the golf carts that have been assigned to you or anyone in your party, with no refund.
  • Golf carts may not be driven by anyone under age of 16.
  • Carts may NOT be driven on HWY 27, Nokomis St, Central Ave, and Main St between post office and Bowling Barn. Failure to comply may result in ticket and or impound of golf cart at guest’s expense.
  • Seat belts must be worn by minors and riders in front and back.
  • Only the registered guests Rizzy’s on the Lake may operate or ride in the golf cart
  • No alcohol use or drug use is permitted prior to or while operating the golf carts. Operating a golf cart under the influence of alcohol or drugs is strictly prohibited.
  • You are responsible for all damage associated with your use of the golf cart. Damages will be charged to directly to guests card on file should they occur.



* Guests may dock boats at Rizzy’s. Slip rental rates may apply. Rizzy’s accepts no liability for damage created to guest’s boat, or any person injured as a result of using dock or slip space, or any damage to other guests boat, or other personal injury or persons or property as a result of operator error or natural disaster.

* No boats may be attached to steel dock at any time.



  • [Your credit card will be charged the **total of the amount of your expected bill / fifty percent / other amount owing** prior to your arrival.] Any remaining balance is due [prior to arrival] / [other time].
  • Prices and rental availability are subject to change without notice.
  • The rates displayed do not include any applicable service fees, taxes, or charges for optional incidentals.
  • Much of Rizzy’s on the Lake is an outdoor experience. Therefore we do not give refunds due to discomfort of nature. The fun continues rain or shine at Rizzy’s on the Lake!
  • By using a credit card for a deposit, guarantee or payment, you agree to the following: if you used a credit card for a deposit, guarantee or payment, you authorize Rizzy’s on the Lake to charge any expenses incurred during your stay to that credit card or apply funds you have on deposit with Rizzy’s on the Lake against what I owe.



  • In the case of multiple rooms booked, cancellation penalties apply to each site that is cancelled or changed.
  • No refunds will be issued for early check-out.
  • Full refunds for cancellations are allowed up to forty-eight (48) hours after you make your reservation. After that your reservation will be refunded 50% if cancelled 30 days or more before check in. Cancelations less than 30 days will forfeit entire balance of your reservation. If the first day of your reservation is less than thirty (30) days from the day you make your reservations, then you may receive a full refund if you cancel within twenty-four (24) hours of making your reservation.



  • Leashed dogs are always welcomed at Rizzy’s on the Lake, but may not be allowed in specific rentals. We do not allow dogs in some accommodation types; however, we do allow service animals and a service animal may have stayed in a rental.
  • Customers may bring one non-aggressive, non bully breed household dog that weigh less than 50 pounds to Rizzy’s on the Lake. No other animals, livestock, poultry, reptiles, insects or exotic pets are permitted.
  • All pets must be registered with the office and vaccination records must be available upon request, and all pets must wear a collar identifying the owner and phone number.
  • Pets must be kept on a leash at all times and under the control of their owner.
  • Pets must not be left tied or otherwise unattended at any time.
  • For the consideration and protection of others, noisy, aggressive, vicious, unruly or poisonous pets are not allowed at Rizzy’s on the Lake. Guests who are unable to control their pets must remove them from Rizzy’s Property, or Rizzy’s on the Lake may be required to contact the appropriate authorities.
  • The owner of any pet is responsible for any injuries or damages caused by their pets. In addition, the owner of any pet that causes injury or damages to another is expected to resolve the issue directly with the injured party. We are not responsible for any injuries or damages caused by pets.
  • Guests are responsible for their pets and should “clean up” after them. All pet droppings must be properly disposed of in a trash receptacle. If we incur expenses in excess of any “pet fee” paid by the guest, the guest will be required to reimburse us for those expenses.
  • Dogs must be kenneled at all times if left unattended in villa.
  • Excessive barking will not be tolerated. If another guest or neighbor complains, the dog must be immediately removed for the duration of your stay. Local boarding facilities may be available.
  • Pets are not permitted in the public buildings or amenity areas, including but not limited to the common bathrooms and the beach areas.
  • Pets will be allowed in certain rental units upon payment of a nonrefundable pet fee. Please note that any guest wishing to bring a pet and use a rental unit must tell us when making their reservation arrangements.
  • Service animals are not considered pets under this policy, and may accompany a disabled person without any proof of disability or certification for the service animal and without payment of any pet fee or other surcharge. Service animals are permitted in buildings, swimming areas, rental units and other locations where pets are prohibited.
  • Please call us if you have any questions about our pet policy.



  • Displayed rates and package prices are subject to change.
  • Please call for rental availability.


No Offensive or Illegal Activities

  • No illegal, noxious, or offensive activities are allowed at Rizzy’s on the Lake, including those that are or could become annoying or create a nuisance to other guests.
  • We will not tolerate abusive or disruptive behavior, whether directed at management, staff or other persons.
  • Smoking is not permitted in any of our buildings, including restrooms, pool areas and rental units, or at any of our property grounds. Any smoking material must be extinguished in an appropriate fire container.
  • The open consumption of alcoholic beverages is discouraged in the family areas of all Rizzy’s Property. Where permitted, alcoholic beverages must be kept in a concealed container. Under no circumstances will minors, as determined by state and local law, be served or allowed to consume alcoholic beverages at Rizzy’s on the Lake.


Disorderly Persons

  • The following are grounds for reservation termination and removal from the property: loud noise, whether mechanical, musical or vocal, use of foul or indecent language, causing damage to property of the campground or another person, drunken disorderly conduct, failing to follow rules, failing to follow directions of the property staff, threatening or abusive behavior, or any other conduct that is not the type of behavior that is expected at a family campground/resort.



  • Customers are responsible for all damage or destruction of property, and any injury to persons, caused by the guest or his or her family, visitor, or pets. We reserve the right to charge guests accordingly for any damage they cause to the grounds and/or campground/resort facilities, including but not limited to broken waterlines, damaged/missing sewer connections, cable lines, landscaping, and excessive debris (bottle caps, zip ties, cigarette butts, etc.).